Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sheep Cheese and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday, I got up with a mission to make cookies for my neighbor. She is always sending goodies this way, so I decided I would fill her container with cookies before sending it back. I made up a huge batch of Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip cookies, which makes 9 dozen. (I linked the recipe to the title of this post.) I was trying to read a history reader to my kids while baking them which meant that I would have to stop every ten minutes to reload the oven. It took us quite a while to get through three chapters.

While baking, my other neighbor called to say three of his sheep herding dogs were in my yard and could I kindly send them home. He also said that they had finally started milking their sheep and were making Sheep Cream Cheese and would bring some over. I packed up some cookies for his family also and swapped them out for some very fresh cream cheese made from sheep milk. It tastes a lot like regular cream cheese, just a little more tart. It's also a little bit crumbly because it is dryer. He also brought us a big bag of kale. Tomorrow, I'm going to make a Bean Soup with kale from the Saving Dinner cookbook. As soon as our chickens pick up the pace on their egg laying, we will be in the trading business for cream cheese.

We are blessed with great neighbors!


  1. Wow! What great neighbours you have.

    Love the blog.

    Amanda (aka Tigermadstanley)

  2. That is cool that you get to trade food like that. I tried making cookies for our neighboors and had to start over 3 three times. The first time they were undercooked, then overcooked, and finaly not too overcooked to share.

  3. Thanks Amanda. I'm having fun with the blog. And yes, I have great neighbors. The sheep nieghbors are going to try ice cream next, so I'll let you know how that goes.

    Julie, I made a double batch of cinnamon rolls a few weeks ago for company and one pan wasn't done and was gooey! Thankfully, one pan turned out great.