Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dried Apples

My husband received another gift of a bushel of apples this week. He offered to help me out with this load, so we have been peeling and slicing apples everyday and loading up the dehydrator. I'm sure they will disappear as fast as we dry them because they are very yummy! We gave a jar full of them to a neighbor who drives all night on his job. That will give him something to munch on.

The kids and I went next door (that would be a quarter of a mile away) this afternoon to carve pumpkins with their younger kids. I don't really get into carving and I used to drop the kids at my sisters for this activity when we lived in Seattle, but it was fun. Anything is fun with friends! We roasted the pumpkin seeds and chewed (and chewed) on them while we visited.

Tomorrow begins catch-up week for school. This year, I scheduled school with three weeks on and then one week off for catching up and also for history reading. We are pretty far behind on the reading (Sonlight history), so I'm hoping to just hunker down all week and get caught up. Last month, we didn't get behind on any of the other subjects, but due to the flu visiting our house this week, we are a little behind in math and science. It is suppose to rain from Tuesday until Friday, so it should be perfect reading weather! I love the books so far this year. Mara, Daughter of the Nile was excellent and now The Hittite Warrior is really interesting.

I finished my monthly menu and shopping list. My plan is to save $40 for Christmas shopping and according to my list, it is doable. Of course, we all know how easy it is to get suprised by the unexpected. It already happened today when I bought two pumpkins! But I think I can rearrange and make it come out right. I plan to post the details tomorrow.

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