Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Powerful Emotions

Today was a long, emotional day. My daughter's horse came down with colic last night and we have been walking and coaxing him all day. I took a flying trip to the vet's office this morning to pick up pain medication. It did seem to help relieve some of the pain and discomfort, but we haven't seen enough improvement to make me happy. The vet is coming early in the morning, but I'm sure it will be a restless night for my daughter and I. My kids and I were out with the horse all morning, but had to start taking shifts after lunch, as it was pretty cold for us since we weren't moving around much. We took the horse for one last walk and forced him to the barn. Whether or not he stays in there all night is up to him. We do not have stalls or doors on the barn. I felt good about the fact that he was up and moving when we went out last and that he was dry and warm. My daughter has been crying off and on this afternoon, wondering if we will have to put him down. He is already 25 years old, so it is going to happen one day in the near future, if not tomorrow. It won't be easy no matter when it happens. It's amazing how attached you become to animals. Although she is twelve, my daughter said she would be sad if she couldn't show her horse her costume she was going to wear this weekend. She thought he would like how funny it was! Oh, to be a kid again. I stood in the barn this afternoon and prayed for the horse and sang to the horse and talked to him. I guess he is just part of the family.

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