Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26th Monthly Menu

I think I've conquered the menu challenge for this month. Actually, I made it for the next five and a half weeks. I was able to get my food/pet/household goods budget for this menu plan down to $171.00! That will give me the extra $40 to spend on Christmas presents. Not only that, but I pulled the normal budget of $240 per month down to $211 so that I could use the other $29 towards having the horses hooves clipped and for an additional utility bill that we never have enough for. Now, I'm going to try to do this again next month so that I will have another $40 to spend on Christmas presents. I know I can do it if I keep the goal in front of me. Hopefully, by January, I will be so good at this that it will seem easy and I will wonder why I ever thought it a challenge! I have to admit that I have many items in my pantry already and they will have to be replenished eventually.

So here are the 39 days of meals. Tomorrow, I will blog about my grocery list and maybe add a few of the recipes.

Tacos/Refried Beans/Spanish Rice X 5 (my kids love tacos, so they appear often!)
Wisconsin Chicken/ Mashed Potatoes/Baked Squash/Cresent Rolls
Crock-pot Garlic Brown-sugar Chicken/Uncle Ben's wild rice/Biscuits
Beef Stroganoff with Egg Noodles
Pork Carnitas/Refried Beans
Hamburger Soup/Oatmeal Dinner Rolls
Beef Stew with Potatoes and Carrots
BBQ Ribs/Homemade French Fries
Lentil Soup/Uncle Ben's wild rice X 2
Chicken Pot Pie/Dinner Rolls
Bean & Barley Burritos X 2
Leftovers X 2
Chicken Enchiladas/Refried Beans X 2
Leftovers X 2
Steak/Baked Potatoes/Broccoli & Cabbage salad
Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad
Haitian Chicken & Rice
BBQ Chicken/Baked Beans/Scalloped Potatoes
Leftovers with Broccoli Salad
Sloppy Joes or Hamburgers with salad
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken/Fried Rice
Sandwiches with leftover rice
Porcupine Meatballs
Thanksgiving Dinner!!
Leftovers, of course, if I can get them from mom!
Go out to Country Kitchen with gift card!

For Breakfast we have the following foods:

Cereal, Pancakes, French Toast, Waffles, Smoothies or Eggs/Toast.

For Lunch we have the following foods:

Frozen Pizza, Frozen Chicken & Tater Tots, Corndog casserole, Sandwiches, Chilimac, Fried Rice or Pasta Sides. My husband and I eat a lot of leftovers for lunch. Sometimes I make homemade pizza or pasties, but I find that cooking three meals a day gets to me after several weeks, so I have compromised and resorted to cheap freezer foods!

There you have it. I hope all goes according to schedule!

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  1. I'm really impressed. I shall try harder with my budget this next month as you've reinspired and motivated me.